Teacher: Sandra Fritz
Class: 11th Grade English
ALL Homework must be TYPED and handed-in ON TIME.
*MOST RECENT H.W. is listed first.

2012-2013 HOMEWORK

Friday, May 17th: Please view anecdote slideshow for extra guidance:

2) ADD all citations to your paper (MLA In-Text Citations)

  • Paraphrase
  • Summary
  • Actual quotes



*Spring Break HW:
1) Research 1 article for your speech. Print & bring to class (it must be from the list of scholarly sources from your class)
2) Independent Reading: read 30-50 pgs.
3) Read in Catcher in the Rye: Chapter 3 & 4 & write a one paragraph summary for each (2 paragraphs in total).(on loosleaf)


Complete Outline, and find your 2-3 quotes you wish to include in your essay.

Complete worksheet handed out in class earlier, finish 4-5 boxes, include quote and page number
read up to 10-15 pages in your independent reading book.
Wed, January, 16th,2013

Complete the packet given out in class earlier, answer all multiple choice questions and write paragraphs 26 and 27 on looseleaf.
Thursday January,14,2013

Finish Uncertainty paragraph, Question #27
Complete packet on creativity, complete paragraphs 26 and 27 on looseleaf
and Complete all multiple choice questions.
1) Complete multiple choice questions on the greenhouse story
2) Complete multiple choice questions on the walking passage.
3) Complete CRITICAL LENS QUOTE # 3 and #4 from Worksheet. ( In your notebook)
4) Lastly Complete #26 ( Controlling Idea paragraph) the packet handed out in class and write your paragraph. ( looseleaf)
Tuesday, January 8, 2013
1) Complete CRITICAL LENS QUOTE # 1 and #2 from Worksheet (in your notebook)
2) Read Passages on "Parting" and Answer Multiple Choice Questions (Packet)
3) Read passage on "Playgrounds" and Answer Multiple Choice Questions (Packet)
4) Complete #26 (Controlling Idea Paragraph) on Monday Night's Passages on "The Nature of Work" (the reading about the man that built model boats and the poem about the woman that worked in the factory with her Dad) ON LOOSELEAF

Friday, December,4th,2012
create outline (10 mins)
Finish critical lens essay ( 1 hour and 15 mins)
finish quote sheet.
Thursday, December,3rd,2012

Complete critical lens worksheet and write the intro paragraph for each quote, on looseleaf.
Tuesday, December, 18th,2012

Choose 20 quotes, or notes, use both, to support our shared inquiry discussion question for tomorrow:Why did Pecola have a mental breakdown?
Be prepared for tomorrow's discussion.
Complete this homework assignment in your notebook.

Monday, December, 17,2012

If you havent finished the reading, catch up and finish the story.
Write down three themes for the entire book and choose two pieces of evidence to support it, in your notebook create a t-chart.
Friday, December,14th,2012

Read pages 170-192 in The Bluest Eye
Write a monologue from Pauline's perspective when her tooth falls out, 2 paragraphs at least,on looseleaf.
Also Read the other two scenes from the other groups today.
Identify two themes that these 3 scenes highlight.
Provide 2-3 quotes from each scene and interpret the quotes to support your themes. Create the graphic organizer in your notebook.
3 scenes, focusing on Cholly's life:
- Mothers Abandonment pages(132-143)
-Darleen and The Hunters pages (144-150)
- Fathers Rejection pages (151-158)

Thursday. December.13th,2012

Create flashcards for vocabulary quiz tomorrow
Read pages155-170 in The Bluest Eye.
Wed. December,12,2012

Finish worksheet given out in class today and continue reading pages 140-155
Friday, December,7th,2012

Read pages 80-109
Choose 5 quotes that are significant in The Bluest Eye.
Thursday, December, 6th,2012

Create vocab collage
Read pages 68-80 in The Bluest Eye
Monday, December,3rd,2012

Look at most at 5 magazine ads, commercials, television ads, online, billboards, advertisements around the community and etc. Make a list of 10 observations that you made, for EXAMPLE: blonder hair, thin, blue eyes
Then draw a conclusion/analysis based on what you saw/examined. 1 paragraph on looseleaf
Read 15 pages 23-37 in The Bluest Eye and pick two quotes which impacted you the most and write them down in your notebook.
Monday, November,20th,2012

Finish Packet handed out in class today and Answer Questions 26 & 27
Also Study book chart
Choose a book over Rensizzle before we come back.

Friday, November,16th,2012

Finish your critical lens, and answer questions 26 and 27 in the library packet.
Thursday November,15th,2012

Complete only the multiple choice questions for both packets, if you haven't completed the multiple choice questions in class already.
Start your Critical lens essay. Write half the paper. This includes your introduction, and Literary element 1 and 2 make sure to analyze in both paragraphs, use the skills we learned in class last week.
Examples of literary elements you can use:
Wed, November,14th,2012

Complete both handouts given out in class today, the chart, and the quote handout, front and back sides.
Tuesday, November,13th,2012
Complete worksheet on Mcarthyism handed out in class earlier today.
Finish worksheet handed out in class today, and incorporate at least 3 quotes following the handout given out in class today, also analyze making inferences.
Monday, November,5th,2012

Complete graphic organizer, and also write your first draft, use graphic organizer to help you: Introduction, 3 themes, articles and conclusion. If you did not research your third article for your theme, research it and write one paragraph explaining what the connection to the Crucible is.
Sunday, November 4th,2012
      • I hope everyone's family got through the storm safely.
Due Monday:Nov.5th:
Research your 3rd ARTICLE for your Crucible essay (for your 3rd theme). Write one paragraph explaining what the connection to The Crucible is.
*We will begin drafting the essay tomorrow in class.
See you tomorrow!:)

Friday, October 26, 2012
Research 2 of your articles, 1 for each theme. Either a current or past article. ( The current event has to be at from 2 years ago) Once you are finished choosing both articles write a paragraph for each article explaining what the connection to the crucible is.
Wednesday, October,24,2012

Prepare for Shared Inquiry Discussion, and write down 15 quotes, or textual evidence, whichever way you choose, and write them down in your notebooks. Assignment will be checked tomorrow in class.
Monday, October,23,2012
Finish theme worksheet
Friday, October,19th,2012

Finish English Bill of Right worksheet due Monday
hursday, October 18, 2012:

*Please complete HW on looseleaf:


1) Interpret: Judge Danforth said the following quote in the courtroom when Francis Nurse and Proctor went to the courtroom to give his petition declaring their good opinions of the Elizabeth, Martha, and Rebecca. Danforth responded with the following quote.

Please interpret it:
A person is either with this court or he must be counted against it, there be no road between.

2) Choose 3 more significant quotes from Act 3 --a) interpret b) Why do you think this quote is important?

Please write out your quote & include the pg #

3) How does Salem’s theocratic government impact the Salem witch trials? *Must use textual evidence


Continue reading In The Crucible
Catch up to Act 3 for those who have the hard cover act 3 starts at page 87-97 and for those who the soft cover act three starts on page 83 and read until page 93.

Write a monologue from Elizabeth's perspective expressing her feelings about her unfair arrest and the events which led up to this. ( At least 2 paragraphs and incorporate at least 4-5 textual details from the play, make reference to them as well)
Research an article on a person or group of people that are scapegoated, and write a 2 paragraph summary, in response to your article ( Typed)
Bring in Article as well.

Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012:

1) Create Vocabulary Flashcards & Study for you VOCABULARY Quiz TOMORROW!!**

  • 2) Read the quote below and ANALYZE it on loose-leaf (to be handed-in)
Please complete HW on Loose-leaf or TYPE it!!!!

Quote: (Please analyze): (4-5 sentences) Really think through what Proctor is saying. Why is he so angry? What is he saying about Salem village?

“I’ll tell you what’s walking Salem—vengeance is walking Salem. We are always what we always were in Salem,
but now the little crazy children are jangling the keys of the kingdom, and common vengeance writes the law!
This warrant’s vengeance! I’ll not give my wife to vengeance!

Wednesday, Oct.10, 2012
Finish handout on THEOCRACY which was distributed in class earlier today, due tomorrow.

Tuesday, October,9th,2012

Choose 3 quotes from Act number 2 in The Crucible, on looseleaf and analyze them, explain them thoroughly, and give their significance. Don't forget to leave their page numbers.

Friday,October,5th 2012

Typed essay due Tuesday
Create a vocabulary collage used with the vocabulary handout distributed in class earlier, also come up with a sentence for each vocabulary word.
Thursday,0ctober,4th 2012

Finish your outline in which you started in class, due tomorrow.
Wed. October,3rd,2012

Write your thesis statement and create your outline for your mini essay.
Topic sentences, as well as bullets for the information in your essay.
(Women at the beginning of Act 1, and by the end of Act 1, they cried witchcraft because...)
No homework
Monday, October 1st,2012

Finish preparing for shared Inquiry Discussion and also Finish the T-chart we had begun in class. For the T-chart, you are choosing a relevant quote and explaining what it means/its significance.
Shared Inquiry Discussion Question: In Act 1, why are there suspicions of witchcraft and the at the end why do the girls make accusations of witchcraft?

thursday, September,27th,2012
Finish monolouge, 1 page typed due monday from Tituba's point of view, how would you feel as Tituba, if you were placed in her shoes, what had just happened?
Friday, September,21,2012

Define and give the significance of theocracy, write one paragraph in your notebooks. Due Monday
Thursday, September,20,2012

Research Puritan Culture, and write 2 paragraphs in your notebook, due tomorrow.
Wednesday, September, 19,2012

Start bringing The Crucible to class every day from now on.
Choose two statements on the handout given out in class today, then in your NOTEBOOKS write a paragraph for each statement, about your personal opinion on each topic, explain thoroughly, you should have two paragraphs in all.
Friday, September, 14th,2012
Finish and type writing assignment number 1, due Wed.
Thursday, September, 13,2012
Respond to the writing reason in which your table groups received during class, describe why they are important? Write 2 paragraphs in your notebook explaining your reason. Or you can write a few sentences for each of the reasons describing a scenario, these must be at least 3 sentences long.
The writing reasons are:
1. Writing helps you sot things out.
2. Writing helps to persuade others.
3. Writing helps to fight oppression.
4. Writing makes you smarter
5. Writing helps you get through college.
6.Writing prepares you for the world of work.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012
Bring in all supplies needed for the classyear
Brainstorm at least one book, to read for the class year. Take down the author as well.
Tuesday, September 11th, 2012
Read and go over syllabus with parents
Sign syllabus, and get your guardians to sign it as well
Also come up with at least books to read during the year, write them down in your notebook
Also towards the back of the syllabus, write down three ELA goals you have for the rest of the school year.

Academic Year: 2011-2012

Monday, May 21:
Website for in-text citations:

Website for MLA work cited page:

1) Type up your work cited page
2) Correct your in-text citations for your speech (make sure you cite even if it's a paraphrase, summary, & obviously a direct quote)
USE MLA Style citations

Wednesday, May 17th:
1) Complete outline
2) Draft #1 due Monday (3 pgs.)

Tuesday, May 15th:
Find a fifth periodical article then:
-Take notes

Monday, May 14th:
Complete the chart of appeals with the speech


Tuesday, April 24th:
Make vocabulary flashcards
Study vocabulary words

Monday, April 23rd:
1) Finish organizer
2) Develop thesis into intro paragraph

Thursday, April 19th:
1) Respond with a thesis statement (support with an X,Y, Z). How do "The Negor speaks of Rivers" and "Theme for English B" both use tone and for what purpose?
(one sentence on LOOSE LEAF!!)
2) Read excerpt from Black Boy (handed out in class)
3) ON THE SAME LOOSE LEAF: in one paragraph: Write a paragraph comparing Richard Wright and Langhston Hughes (based on the readings from these authors)

Friday, March 30th:
Finish draft #1 of essay

Tuesday, March 27th:
On looseleaf write 10-12 quotes and explain their significance to: Why isn't Pecola loved? 3 from each section.

Thursday, March 22nd:
1) Read the other two scenes from the other groups today
2) Identify two themes that these 3 scenes highlight
3) Provide 2-3 quotes from each scene and interpret the quotes to support your themes

Monday, March 19th:
Choose 3 quotes in "Spring" and interpret (Analyze on looseleaf)

Thursday, March 15th:
1) Vocabulary quiz tomorrow
2) Final monologue due tomorrow on Pauline or Cholly

Monday, March 5th:
1) Finish draft of essay (3 pgs.) for tomorrow
2) Read pgs. 131-141

*Essay due Friday*
*Vocabulary quiz on Wednesday*

Thursday, March 1st:
1) Finalize thesis
2) Outline essay
3) Read pgs. 110-118 The Bluest Eye

Wednesday, February 29th:
1)Choose 1: (One page, typed)
-Peer mediation argument
-"Pep Talk" advice column

2)Vocabulary collage

Thursday February 16:
February break homework:

1) If you have not already done so, finish reading "Winter"
2) Finish the Maureen Peal assignment. Typed, 1 and a half pages. (Write a diary entry in the voice of Maureen. What difficulties does she face? What barriers?)

Tuesday, February 14:
-Read p. 50-58
-Describe Pecola's family. What does it say about Pecola's life and parents that she turns to these women for crucial info? Explain in one paragraph
-Read p. 62-67
-Describe Maureen Peal (3-4 sentences)

(Physics Trip people/Wednesday Homework.)
Read p. 67-80
Describe Maureen Peal

Monday, February 13:
-Read pgs. 22-44
-Write a one paragraph summary of events in your notebook
-Vocabulary Quiz tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, February 8:
1) Read until pg. 23
2)Select two passages/quotes
1. Write the part, and pg. number
2. Interpret it. -What does it mean?

*Tuesday, February 7, 2012 (Advocacy Day: Students that were in Albany, please see the H.W. below. )

A) Choose ONLY 2 background terms to the Bluest Eye from the following list:
1) Great Depression 2) Toni Morrison 3) The Great Migration
4) Lorain, Ohio (1941) 5) Imitation of Life 6) Bojangles

B) Research 2 background terms from above and write one paragraph for EACH of your terms
(Total paragraphs for your HW= 2 paragraphs in YOUR NOTEBOOK)

Advocacy Students (or if you were absent):
C) Read in The Bluest Eye: The page and half after the Dick and Jane piece (right before Autumn)
It starts of with: "Quiet as it's kept, there were no marigolds in the fall of 1941..."

Monday, February 6, 2012:
Write ONE paragraph for each question (TOTAL: 2 paragraphs on looseleaf)
1) What is your favorite childhood book? Describe it. What did you like most about it?
2) How would you feel if you only had read Dick and Jane books growing up?
TOTAL: 2 paragraphs on loosleaf

February 1, 2012:
-Finish draft #1 of narrative essay on rejection
*Final due Monday 1 1/2 pages

January 31, 2012:
-Look at at least 5 magazines advertisements, commercials and/or subway billboeards.
-Make a list of 10 observations that you made. For example: The woman was thin, was blonde, had blue eyes.
-Then draw a conclusion/analysis based on what you saw on loose leaf.

January 23, 2012: (Monday)

ANSWERS Tto Multiple Choice on Passage 1 (The Electric Summer) and Passage 2 (from Growing Up by Russell Baker):

1) 2 (resigned)
2) 4 (Dorothy wants a companion)
3) 3
4) 1
5) 4
6) 1
7) 2
8) 3
9) 4
10) 3

GOOD LUCK on tomorrow's Regents (:

*January 6, 2012: Please note that the three lines cut off from Passage 1 (in the HW packet) are:
Homework is BELOW the lines:

I was surrounded once more by the same
(lines cut off:
warmth I used to feel as a small kid hiding under his padded cotton overcoat. He took my
face in his hands and bit his lower lip until it turned pale. …
I love you, Dad. I am your son, forever.
—Da Chen
excerpted from Colors of the Mountain, 1999
Random House, Inc.

Friday's HW (Jan. 6th):
1) Complete Multiple Choice
2) Complete #26---Controlling Idea response
3) Complete #27---Literary Element response

  • Please complete cyber bully survey if you haven't done so already (see 12/22 posting for link)

1) Finish writing FINAL draft of Critical Lens (2 pgs TYPED) : "A person is a person through other persons..." By Desmond Tutu
2) Draft #1 is also due for the above critical lens.

Thursday, Dec.22:

PLEASE fill out your 5 minute survey on bullying at the following link:


Wednesday, Dec 21:
Write draft
1) REAL + T (intro)
2) 1st book (1st and second paragraph)

Tuesday, Dec 20:
Finish graphic organizer

Thursday. Dec 15:
1) Finish the book
2) Due Monday: Finish phony essay. Make sure you bring your first draft

Wednesday, Dec 14:
Read pgs. 174-194

Tuesday, Dec 13:
1) Read pages 166-184.
2) Write a one-paragraph summary

Monday, Dec 12:
Rewrite your introduction

Friday, Dec 9th:
1) Read pgs. 143-166
2) Finish the draft of your essay

Thursday, Dec 8th:
1) Read pgs. 123-143
2) Write an intro/body #1 of your essay

Wednesday, Dec 7th:
1) Read pgs 105-122
2) Finish dear Abby... letter esponse. (2 paragraphs)
What advice would you give to Holden?
*Be empathetic (use textual evidence)
*Deliver advice

Monday, December 5th:
-Vocabulary collage
-Read pgs. 66-86

Friday, December 2nd:
1) Read pgs. 46-66
2) On loose leaf write about a meaningful object that someone has given you:
-Describe how you got it (Details)
-What does it symbolize to you? Why? Describe

Thursday, December 1st:
1) Read pg. 27-46.
2) On loose leaf: What happened to Allie? How did Holden feel about it?

Wednesday, Nov 30th:
1) Read 3-27
2) How does Holden feel about leaving Pencey? Describe in one paragraph on loose leas)

Monday, Nov 28th:
1) Practice multiple choice
2) Practice/finish:
1. Controlling idea
2. Literary elements paragraph
3) Study bookchart

Tuesday, Nov 22:
1) Critical lens is due monday
2) Wednesday- Literary element paragraph on libraries

Monday, Nov 21:
1)Multiple choice- nature passage
2)Multiple choice- Visiting library passage
3)Controlling idea paragraph

Friday, Nov 18:
1) Practice critical lens essay
2) Voc Quiz

Thursday, Nov 17:
1) Book chart: 3rd period
2) Vocabulary quiz on Monday, Do flashcards and study!

Wednesday, Nov 16:
8h period class: Book chart
4th period class: No homework

Monday, Nov. 7:
Vocabulary flashcards
Friday, Nov 4:
Draft #3

Thursday, Nov 3:
Draft #2

Wednesday, Nov 2:
1) Finish draft
2) Rewrite introduction

Tuesday, Nov 1:
Write theme #1, #2 (at least 4 paragraphs) on looseleaf or typed

Monday, Oct 31:
Vocabulary collage

Friday, Oct 28:
2 articles + comparison to The Crucible due Monday
*Bring Articles

Thursday, Oct 27:
1) Look at your THEMES sheet and pick one theme
2) Research a HISTORICAL event that focuses on the same theme (ex. injustice in the court system)
3) Write ONE paragraph: What are the similarities in the book and the current events?

Wed, Oct.26:
1) Look at your THEMES sheet and pick one theme
2) Research a CURRENT event that focuses on the same theme (ex. injustice in the court system)
3) Write ONE paragraph: What are the similarities in the book and the current events?

Thursday, Oct 20:
Finish worksheet
Friday, Oct 14:
*Research an article on a person or group of people that are scapegoated today.
*Write a two paragraph response to your article on looseleaf. (Topic Sentence, Details, Analyze!!!)

Thursday, Oct 13:
-Vocabulary quiz tomorrow
-Create vocabulary flashcards
Tuesday, Oct 11:
Due Thursday:
1. Voc. quiz-Friday
2. Voc. song or short story (at least 5 words)
3. Finish theocracy sheet
Friday, Oct 7:
Vocabulary Collage
Thursday, Oct 6:
Type your final draft
Tuesday, Oct. 4:
Finish draft completely
Monday, Oct. 3:
1)Finish theses statement
2)Take notes
3)Outline your mini essay
Wednesday, Sept. 28:
1pg. typed.
Journal/diary entry from Tituba's perspective. (How does she feel? Give the beckground.)
Tuesday, Sept. 27:
Finish the worksheet

Friday, Sept.23:
Research the Puritans.
Write ONE paragraph in your notebook on your research

Thursday, Sept. 22:
Final TYPED essay due on Why Fiction Matters
2pgs typed

Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2011:
1) Change 5-6 sentences and make them more DESCRIPTIVE
2) Write Draft #2 by making the CHANGES during your peer review or teacher conference
3) FINAL Copy due FRIDAY

Tuesday, Sept. 20th:
Finish Writing DRAFT to essay

Monday, September 19, 2011:

Complete the ESSAY NOTES sheet (handed out today in class)
Only write bullets, not complete sentences

Friday, September 16:

Answer Both Questions TYPED: One Paragraph for each question:

1) How does Shivak’s background influence her? How does it influence her view on womanhood?

2) Shivak mentions the danger of spending too much time in the mirror. She extends this metaphor to the dangers of spending too much time with people and ideas that reflect your own. Why is this problem?

The video link is below:

Tuesday, September 20th:
Finish draft #1

Wednesday, September 21:
1. Change 5-6 sentences: Show, don't tell, with description
2. Write draft #2 with peer review changes/suggestions

Friday, September 23:
Research and write a paragraph on the Puritans on your notebook

Academic Year: 2010-2011

ALL Homework must be TYPED and handed-in ON TIME.
*MOST RECENT H.W. is listed first.

Wednesday May 25th:
Complete your MLA and Bibliography page of your final draft of the Research paper.

Monday May 23rd, 2011
Finish poem, it's due Wednesday may 25th, 2011

Friday May 20th:
1) [[#|Complete]] the first draft of your poem
2) Cull for half an hour and write down the words of the poem you got in class.
Tuesday May 17th:
Write the next two pages of your research paper. At this point, you should have 5 pages written!

Monday May 16th:**
Write the next 2 pages of your research draft.

The final first draft is due Thursday 19th.

FINAL PAPER DUE MAY 31ST, 2011!! Good Luck! :)

Friday May 13th:
Write the first page of your research draft.

Monday May 9th:
Write two paragraphs on the TED video. (Reflection on looseleaf!)

Wednesday April 13th:
Research 5 articles and take notes. Also, make sure you have 1 organization by tomorrow!

Tuesday April 12th:
Start taking notes in your notebook (The Project designated one) on all the research you've done.

Monday April 11th:

Wednesday April 6th
1) Brainstorm 3-5 topics for your Action Research Paper and write down a question you have for each.(ON LOOSELEAF)
2) Read pages 229-240 in The Handmaid's Tale and write a one paragraph summary. (ON LOOSELEAF)

Tuesday April 5th
1) Read pages 212-228 in The Handmaid's Tale
2) Write a one paragraph summary in your notebook.

Monday April 4th:
1) Read pages 190-211in The Handmaid's Tale.
2) Write a 1 paragraph summary in your notebook.

Friday March 25th:
1) Type up and hand in final draft of Dystopian Flash Fiction Essay.

DUE APRIL 4th, 2011!

2) Read pages 151-188 and write a 2 paragraph summary.

Thursday March 24th:
1) Read pages 134-147 in The Handmaid's Tale.
2) Finish your first draft of your Dystopian Flash Fiction Story.
Write a 350-500 word story that incorporates dystopian elements.
1) Narrative Structure.
2) Dystopian Elements.

DUE APRIL 4th, 2011!!

Wednesday March 23rd:
Finish outline/chart for your Flash Fiction story.

Tuesday March 22nd:
Read pages 117-134 in The Handmaid's Tale. Use three [[#|sticky notes]] to mark down three important quotes and interpret them.

Monday March 21st:
1) Read "A Nation of Wheels"
2) Identify four dystopian elements in "A Handmaid's Tale" in your notebook.

Thursday March 17th:
1) Final mini-essay 1-1&1/2 page typed.
2) Read pages 103-116 in The Handmaid's Tale
3) Summarize readings in notebook.

Tuesday, March 15th:
Read pg. 86-103 in The Handmaid's Tale

Friday, March 11th:
1) Read pgs.54-66 in The Handmaid's Tale
2) IN NOTEBOOK: summarize each chapter

Thursday, March 10:
1) Current Events: Research and Read one article on Wisconsin and what is happening in the State Assembly
2) On looseleaf: How is the situation comparable to what happened in Gilhead? (text to world connection)

Wednesday, March 9th:
1) Create Vocabulary Flashcards-TEST tomorrow-THURSDAY!
2) On looseleaf: Describe life in the villages of Gilhead when Offred walks to town to get [[#|groceries]].

Tuesday, March 8th:
1) Read pgs. 15-22 in The Handmaid's Tale
2) Answer in notebook (in one paragraph): What is the intercation between the handmaids and the guardians?
3) Finish define the terms/categories in Gilhead: 1) angels, 2) guardians, 3) handmaids,
4) marthas, 5) commander, 6) commander's wife,

tuesday feb 1st
~ read chapter 15 in the catcher in the rye and write a summary of chapter 15
Monday, Jan.21st- Monday, Jan. 31st:

1) Answer questions in Catcher in the Rye packet: QUESTIONS for chapt. 1- 14
2)Read all of chapter 6-14 (pgs.40-105)
3) TYPED ESSAY on Mitt: pretend you are Holden and write a personal essay on Ali's(his deceased brother's) mitt
(you can write using "I" in the essay, since it's a personal essay)

Introduction: Maybe introduce with a brief discussion about the symbolic importance of objects; introduce Ali's mitt
Body paragraph #1: Describe the mitt. How did it look like? What poems were written on it?
Body paragraph #2: Explain its significance to Holden. Why was it so important?
Conclusion: Wrap-up, repeat why the mitt is important

Friday, Jan. 21st:
Read chapter 3-5 (including 5):
1) write down one quote from EACH chapter and interpret the quotes
(on looseleaf)

Thursday, Jan. 20th:
Response essay due tomorrow

Wed. Jan.19th:
Using both the empathy article and lecture, write a one pg. TYPED response on how both sources:
Discuss two works of literature that have led you to be more empathic and understanding of cultural differences.
DUE: Friday
-Study for Voc. quiz tomorrow

Tuesday Jan 18th
~ jot down notes for two fiction books - they do not have to be the ones that we have read in class
Monday Jan 17th
Friday Jan 14th
~ one page response on how the video and article connct through the use or povery and its effect on the worlds population
~ write a story using the vocabulary words
Thursday Jan 13th
~ do vocabulary collage on the words
Tuesday Jan 11th
~ No homework English Regents
Monday Jan 10th
~ Go to bed early and have breakfast in the morning for English Regents
Friday Jan 7th
~ do a critical lens essay on the following quote by Nicholas Cage " I like flawed characters because somewhere in them I see more of the truth"
Thursday Jan 6th
~ intrepret the quote sheet
Wednesday Jan 5th
~ do the controlling idea for the passage read in class
Tuesday Jan 4th
~ read the passages on the short stories and do all multiple choice questions on page 132 and on page 141
Monday Jan 3rd
~ ready any article and it must be 2-5 pages, then write a one paragraph paper about the main idea using examples from the article
Wednesday Dec 22
complete graphic organizer and complete the essay for it
Tuesday Dec 21
~ answer multiple choice questions and do the controlling idea after reading the passage
Monday Dec 20th
~ Find an article online and write five questions on it
one - the main idea, two- the vocabualry, three- detail, four- specific paragraph and the fifth one can be any onf your choice
Friday Dec 17th
~ Finish the controlling idea on the new packet
~ answer multiple choice questions
Thursday Dec 16th
~ Finish the controlling idea paper on the packet stories
Wednesday Dec 15th
~ Do multiple choice questions on the packet
Tuesday Dec 14th
~ Finish the critical lens essay
Monday Dec 13th
Complete quote sheet with interpretations
Wednesday Dec 8th
~ write the outline for 2 passages using literary elemnts and include examples
Tuesday Dec. 7th
~ answer multipl choice questions and do the sample controlling idea on the graphic organizer
~ finish classwork on controlling idea for parental expectations
Monday Dec. 6th
~ answer multiple choice questions on parental expectations
~ write a one paragraph paper on the controllin idea of both passages
Friday Dec. 3rd
~ Read packet and answer multiple choice questions write one paragraph based on what the instruction tell you to do.
Monday Nov. 29th
~ study book charts know atleast 4 books
~study literary element handout
Tuesday Nov 23rd
Complete critical lens outline and essay are both DUE: MONDAY NOV. 29TH
Monday Nov. 22nd
~Complete Practice Packet do the multiple choice questions and also complete a one paragraph outline on childhood memories using 3 deatils from each passage and make sure you use a thesis statement to connect both passages.
Thursday Nov 18th
~ Finish multiple choices for reading passages Due: Friday Nov. 19th
~ Crucible Project Second Draft DUE : Monday Nov 22nd
Wednesday Nov. 17th
~ Work on draft # 2 of the crucible creative project DUE: Monday Nov. 22

Wednesday Nov. 10th
~ work on crucible creative project and the draft is DUE: NOV 17TH
Tuesday Nov, 9th
~ Who do you think is the hero in the crucible? (Proctor, Elizabeth, Hale or anyone else)
~ on looseleaf 2 paragraphs
Monday, Nov 8th
~ research one article on a group that has faced intolerance or that has been scapegoated.
~ respond to the article in one to two paragraphs on loosleaf and bring in article to class tomrow because it will be collected
Friday, Nov 5th
Mini-Essay on Theocracy DUE Monday (Nov. 8th)
1 page TYPED

At the time of the witch trials, the government of Massachusetts was a theocracy, that is a government with a legal system based upon the canons of a "state" religion.
*Discuss how Salem was a theocracy and provide specific examples from the play. Was this fair/unfair to the people in Salem ? Explain.

Although our constitution forbids our government to recognize any state religion, from time to time certain practices, take place in public spaces:
-displaying holiday nativity scenes on government public property
-in trials, witnesses swear on The Bible

How far do you think we should go to keep Church and State separate? Is it harmful to reference religious beliefs within government institutions (like schools or courts), or are some people overly sensitive? Use the reading and personal experiences to support your argument.

Thursday, Nov 4th:
~ Summarize act 3 in your notebook (one paragraph)
~ write a few sentences on why Proctor says "Good is dead"
Wednesday, Nov 3rd:
~ review act 3
~ describe Danforth in 2 paragrapsh and support your reasoning with 3 lines or quotes from the book
~ will be collected in class

Monday, Nov. 1st:
-Review Act 1-3
-Write 2-3 examples (and support with quotes) that show the parallel between McCarthyism and the Salem Witch Trials (on looseleaf)

Monday, Oct.25th:
Write down 5-6 quotes from Act 2 that speak to the folowwing question:
Why did the young girls in The Crucible accuse certain people of witchcraft?

Friday, Oct.22:
Vocabulary Collage

Thursday, Oct 21:
Finish FINAL draft of mini-essay

Wed., Oct.20th:
Complete draft #1 of mini-essay

Tuesday, Oct. 19th:
1) Brainstorm & take notes on mini-essay
2) OUTLINE the essay
3) Writing workshop in class tomorrow

Mini-essay Question: (one page typed DUE Friday, Oct. 22
The principle accusers in The Crucible, are young, unmarried women. From what you've read so far, what can you deduce about the status of single women in Puritan society? Could the celebrity effect of allegedly being able to identify witches change their status? In what way? Use the reading and personal experiences to support your argument.

Mon. Oct.18th:
Prepare quotes for discussion of Act 1 (take notes in notebook)

Friday, Oct. 15th:
Write a diary entry from Tituba's perspective

Thurs, Oct. 14th:
No H.W.

Wed., Oct 13th:
NO class-PSATs (see Tuesday, Oct. 12th)

Tuesday, Oct. 12th:
Create Voc. flashcards
STUDY for Vocabulary Test on Thursday

Monday, Oct. 11th:
NO school

Friday, Oct. 8th:
1) Finish writing about current social injustice and explain why it's a societal problem
(2-3 paragraphs TYPED)

Thurs., Oct. 7th:
Write a one page TYPED story using 7 vocabulary words

Friday, Sept.24th:
Read pgs. 87-111 in Bonjour Tristesse
Use STICKY notes to highlight interesting passages/comment on STICKY notes

Thurs., Sept 23rd:
Complete FINAL version of writing assignment
INCORPORATE 3-4 vocabulary words into your assignment

Wed., Sept. 22nd:
1) Define vocabulary words AND create a collage using ALL of the words
2) Finish DRAFT on writing assignment

Tues., Sept. 21st:
1) Read pgs. 72-86 in Bonjour Tristesse

2) OUTLINE writing assignment: (1-1 1/2 pgs TYPED)

Why does Cecil resent Anne’s new presence in her life and the eventual marriage of Anne and her father, Raymond? Do you agree or disagree with Cecil’s emotions and scheme towards separating Anne and Raymond? Why/Why not? Do you think Cecil’s response(anger) toward Anne is acceptable given Cecil’s age? OR given this lesson on perspective/point of view, do you find yourself being more forgiving or less forgiving towards Cecil?

Monday, Sept. 20th:
1) Read pgs. 57-71 in Bonjour Tristesse
2) Use sticky notes to comment on the passages that you find interesting

Fri, Sept. 17th:
Read pgs. 34-54 (until the end of Part 1)
Use sticky notes to comment on passages that you find interesting

Thurs, Sept. 16th:
1) Use a sticky note to highlight foreshadowing as you read Bonjour Tristesse pgs. 21-33

2) Finish imagery assignment: Write 2 paragraphs of a summer vacation setting (ex. Central Park). Incorporate 5-6 examples of imagery in your description piece

Wed., Sept. 15th:
Read Bonjour Tristesse pgs. 5-20
(Use sticky notes to highlight passages you think are important and write your comments to these passages on the STICKY note.)

Tuesday, September 14th:**
Complete GOALS sheet from syllabus and have parent/guardian sign the form.