May 31st (Thursday)
Finish typing up Critical Lens Essay, Due on Monday.
May 30th (Wed)
Create graphic organizer for 1984, or vise verso in notebook.
May 29th (Tuesday):
1) Vocabulary Quiz tomorrow on Wednesday
2) Create graphic organizer on Persepolis. Include: Book title, author,setting,character description,conflict, and themes(provide examples for each)
*STUDY Vocabulary Words below:
Vocabulary Words
10th Grade

adjective;of little or no importance; insignificant; trivial; illogical; irrelevant

adjective;that is to be feared; formidable, esp. as an opponent; commanding or evoking respect

verb (used without object) to talk excessively and pointlessly; babble
verb (used with object) to utter in empty or foolish talk
noun empty or foolish talk.

- affectedly grand or important; pompous: grandiose words.
- more complicated or elaborate than necessary; overblown: a grandiose scheme.
- grand in an imposing or impressive way.
- having an exaggerated belief in one's importance, sometimes reaching delusional proportions, and occurring as a common symptom of mental illnesses, as manic disorder.

- readily or plainly seen, heard, perceived, etc.; obvious; evident: a palpable lie; palpable absurdity.
- capable of being touched or felt; tangible.

- passing aimlessly from one subject to another; digressive; rambling.
- proceeding by reasoning or argument rather than intuition.

- sparing or moderate in eating and drinking; temperate in diet.
- characterized by abstinence: an abstemious life.
- sparing: an abstemious diet.

- dependent for existence, occurrence, character, etc., on something not yet certain;
- conditional (often fol. by on or upon ): Our plans are contingent on the weather.
- liable to happen or not; uncertain; possible: They had to plan for contingent expenses.
- happening by chance or without known cause; fortuitous; accidental: contingent

adjective; lacking social grace, sensitivity, or acuteness; awkward; crude; tactless: Their
exquisite manners always make me feel gauche.

- opinion or doctrine at variance with the orthodox or accepted doctrine, esp. of a church or religious system.
- any belief or theory that is strongly at variance with established beliefs, customs, etc.

May 25th (Friday)- Due Wed
Create your own graphic organizer for Persepolis, create a column for Setting, Characters & description, Themes, give an example, and Conflicts, also give an example.
Reminder Vocab Quiz will be tomorrow.
May 24th (Thursday)
Create vocab flashcards
May 23rd (wed.)
Finish Critical lens worksheet handed out in class today
May 22nd (Tuesday)
Finish Critical Lens Assignment Graphic Organizer sheet
May 21st:
Interpret the following 2 quotes (write them in your own words) ON LOOSELEAF:

1) "To gain that which is worth living, it may be necessary to lose everything else." (-Bernadette Devlin)

2) "Fiction is truer than history, for it is only in fiction that we can understand the hidden life of the characters..." (E.M. Forster)

May 19th:
Vocabulary Collage

May 16th (Wed.) Students on TRIP must also complete the HW by tomorrow, Thursday: (Please ON LOOSELEAF!!!!!)
1) Finish reading Anowa (we did this in class today)
2) Shared Inquiry Question: Why do Kofi & Anowa commit suicide by the end of the play?(we will have a discussion on this on Thursday)
3) Collect 12 quotes (include p.#s) from PHASE ONE and PHASE TWO connecting to the above question
4) EXPLAIN the significance of the quotes (analysis)
*The above HW will prepare you for tomorrow's shared inquiry discussion

May 15, (Tuesday)
Are their any down sides to having money, if so explain them, (1-2 paragraphs)
May,1st (Tuesday)
Finish your first draft, & reminder: Quiz on phase 1 tommorow!
April 27th (Friday)
Write the first page of your draft
April 26th (Thursday)
Finish your Writing Organizer, which we started in class.
April 25th Wed.)
Finish Characterization sheet (focus on Anowa)
Create Flashcards, vocabulary quiz tommorow!

April 23rd ( Monday)
1-2 Paragraphs, on looseleaf! Do you believe men and women are treated equally? Explain why and give significance
April 20th ( Friday)
1-2 Paragraphs, Discuss an instance when you went against your parents wishes and did something they did not approve of? Why did you do it? Explain
April 19th (Thurday)
1-2 paragraphs
Why do you think its important for a woman to be married after her puberty during this time period? Keep in MIND the setting, way of life and culture. Anowa is 17-20 years old.
April 18th (Wed.)
Based on the article in class:
1) If you were in charge of the anti-colonial group how would you handle things to ensure that people’s lives get better?
(on looseleaf, ONE paragraph)
2) In Anowa: Read the Cast and Production Notes

April 17th
Made-Up Written prompt: "Our school has hired a research company to collect information that will help us make the school better for you. Several observers will watch students and record where each of you goes, how many times you go there, and how long you stay there, including to the water fountain, your locker, the bathroom, the cafeteria, and to visit another student. You will be identified only by a number. At the end of the day, the research company will put all the data together and write a report to the school leaders."

1. Written assignment: Each student to write 1-2 paragraphs relating the concepts about online privacy (such as Target) to the real world privacy scenario about their school. How do you feel about this? (ON LOOSE LEAF)

Article Link:

April 16th
Vocabulary collage
April 2nd
Review for the exam, study all notes and handouts, and the review sheet
March 30th, in notebook
Finish answering all questions on the review sheet, and study for the upcoming exam on Tuesday & Wednesday!
March 29th, in notebook
Continue answering questions 9-17 from the study review sheet, don't forget to review/ continue going over notes and homework assignments relating to 1984, the test will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday, therefore continue reviewing.
March 28th, in notebook
Answer questions 1-8 on the 1984 study sheet
Start Reviewing for the test on Tuesday, and Wednesday.
March 27th: In notebook
1) Read Book 3, chapters 4 and 5
2) Complete the following questions: (from worksheet) Book 3, chapter I, II #4-6
3) Complete the questions: Book 3, chapters III, IV, V #1-6

March 23rd: on looseleaf
After participating and listening in the debates what is your opinion now about the roles of technology in our democracy? incorporate 3 articles (loose leaf) Due Tuesday for both classes!
March 22nd: on loose leaf
Based on your articles you read in class today, does technology limit or promote democracy, explain?
March 21st: On Loose leaf
1) Research ONE newspaper article on doublethink in our society. (ex. weapons of mass destruction; oil spills) Bring in article
2) How is doublethink used? Explain(on looseleaf)

March 20th
Read part 3, chapter three and then write a summary, ON LOOSE LEAF!
March 19th
On loose leaf, at least two paragraphs
Answer both questions: Now that Winston and Julia have been caught, what do you predict will happen to them? Second question: Reread page 181, why does Winston beleive hope lies within the proles?
March 16th
Finish reading chapter two of part three, after-wards write a summary.
March 15th
Vocabulary quiz tomorrow! Finish reading chapter 1 in part 3 and write a summary
March 6th
1) VOCABULARY QUIZ!!! Tomorrow (Wednesday)-STUDY!!!
2) Create flashcards for vocabulary words
3) Read Part 2 chapters 8 & 9 in 1984, stop at "The theory and practice of oligarchical Coll." Also answer question #'s 3-10.
March 5th
Test on part one tomorrow, also don't forget to read part 2 pages, 130-138

March 2nd
continue reading part two chapters (3-5)
Questions 11-14
then part 5 answer questions 1 and 2
Quiz part 1 on tuesday
Create interest privacy Bill (2 paragraphs, typed)

March 1st
Read part 2, chapter 2, then answer questions 9 & 10
then on Loose leaf, answer these two questions.
1) Why is the telling of history important?
2) What are the consequences if History is altered with false facts or merely even erased.
Feb 29th
Vocabulary collage
Read part 2 Chapter 1 and answer questions 1-8
Feb 28th
Read Chapter 8
(One VIII) answer questions 4-10

Feb 16th
February BEAK HW: CATCH UP in the reading if you are behind!!

1) Read in 1984: Sections V,VI, VII (In Brown Cover Copy: pgs.43-70)
2) Complete the following questions in your notebook:
One IV,V,VI- Questions #1-10
One VII-Questions 31-3

Feb 15th
Finish Diary/Journal entry
(optional format)
!st paragraph- Provide background to what happened to NYC, describe Oceania
2nd Paragraph- Explain "new regulations" in NYC according to Oceania
3rd paragraph- What do you miss from your old life?
4th Paragraph- After the shock, what will your reaction be like?
Due Thursday, Feb 16, 2012

Feb 14th2012
Finish up your entry, finish what you did not complete in class
Feb 13th 2012
Read in 1984 pgs 34-43 or section 5 depending on what book you may have,
Put stickies were Foreshadowing occurs, Also Finish distopian cartoons, 1-3 frames,
Reminder vocab quiz tommorow!
Feb 10th
Finish today's classwork if you did not finish it in class, Reminder: Vocabulary Quiz on Monday, review words.
Feb 8th
Finish reading sections 1 & 2, and then answer questions 1-10 in your notebook, note this assignment is due on Friday
1) Why do you think the poster says: "Big Brother is Watching You?" What does this mean? ONE paragraph
2) Thought Polics: How would you feel if you lived in a society that had this. Describe it's impact on your life.ONE paragraph
2 paragraphs TOTAL on looseleaf

Feb 6th
Research George Orwell write 1 paragraph summary on his life, then create a collage
Fed 1st
write 1 and a half pages to your narrative story, due monday, typed
January 31st,2012
Research two people that you consider to be a risk taker, what did he/she do? Write one paragraph for each.
Second draft is due tomorrow, Final draft is due monday
January 17th,2012
second draft due on thursday, make revisions to your first draft based n your peer edits and review
January 23th 2012
write out your fifth page, and incorporate 5 pieces of dialogue somewhere throughout your story.
January 11th 2012
Vocabulary quiz tomorrow, study!
Incorporate 5 apposite sentences into your story draft, also by thursday have 3-4 pages typed

January 6th 2012:
WRITE 1 & 1/2 pgs. for your ABSURD story

January 5th 2012
continue working on outline (symbolism-how does this connect to your social criticism?)
January 4th 2012
Finish outlining your story
- read (again) sharpie cakes story
then answer what does this character want?
(loose leaf) out line the plot in bullet points
January 3rd 2012
create vocabulary collage
Tuesday December 20th,2011
Research a fourth article on your social justice issue, print it out and then write a one paragraph summary on your article (loose leaf)

Monday December 19th
Research an article on your social justice issue, print it out, and then write a one paragraph summary on your article ( on loose leaf)

Wed. December 14th
what does a sharpie cake look like? Draw one
Tuesday December 13th
on looseleaf write one paragraph as to what you think the little green monster represents, use 2-3 examples from the text.
Monday december 12th
vocabulary test tommmorow!
read the little green monster 2 times!
Thursday December 8th
vocabulary test on monday, study!
Create a song/ or play using the vocabulary words, due tomorrow.
Wed. December 7th
Highlight 4 scenes you found interesting on looseleaf
Quote, page number, then ask a question or make a connection
Tuesday December 6th
List 7 specific details
How does specificity improve Murakani's writing?
Monday Nov. 28th
continue reading the novel, up to page 18. and then write one a paragraph summary about the novel.
Thursday Nov.17th
Draft 1 emailed to Christie 5pm, also Final Poem is due on Monday along with the 2 paragraphs, and Analysis sheet is due on Wed.
Tuesday, Nov.15th:
Complete poetry brainstorming sheet for WED!!!
Complete Questionaire for Thursday
Thursday Novermber 10th
choose a poem from the packet handed out today in class and complete the entire analysis worksheet, this assignment shall be handed in on Monday.
November 3rd
write 2 paragraphs about what you did and did not like based on Persepolis the movie ( loose leaf)
Wednesday November 2nd
create flashcards for the vocabulary words
vocab test tomorrow!
Tuesday, November 1st
choose 7 of the vocabulary words to create a song
Reminder: Vocab test on Thursday!
Friday, October 28th
Final Persepolis essay due Monday!
Teacher: Sandra Fritz
Class: 10th grade English
*MOST RECENT H.W. is listed first.
ALL H.W. must be typed and handed-in on time.

Academic Year: 2011-2012
Thursday, Oct.27th
write second draft of Persepolis essay
Rewrite your CONCLUSION (see hand-out from class)
(and INTRO if you haven't done so already)

Vocabulary COLLAGE


Thurs.,Oct 20th:
*Write 2 pgs of Persepolis Essay:
Write Reason X (and examples) and Reason Y (and examples)

Wed., Oct.19th:
Tuesday, Oct.18th:
In ONE paragraph answer the shared inquiry questions (Why did Marjane Satrapi immigrate to Austria?). IN NOTEBOOK.
If you are behind in the reading (the group I spoke with after the discussion):
Read: pgs.54-80 and write a 3-4 sentence summary FOR EACH Chapter (in notebook).

Monday, Oct.17th:
HW: Identify 5 important quotes worthy of discussion that connect to the shared inquiry
FOCUS: WHY did Marjane Satrapi’s parents decide to send her to Austria ? Why did she go?
On looseleaf

Friday, Oct.14, 2011:
FINISH Theme Sheet (BOTH sides)

Thursday, Oct.13, 2011:
1) Create FLASHCARDS for vocabulary words
2) STUDY for vocabulary quiz tomorrow (Friday)
3) FINISH reading Persepolis

Tuesday, Oct 11th, 2011:
1) HW due Thursday:
On Loose leaf in one-two paragraphs TOTAL ANSWER:
1)What do you think about the keys?
2)What do you think abut the Taking it to the Streets Campaign?
3) Are they similar or different?
4) Read pgs. 111-134
5) *Vocabulary Quiz on Friday
Friday, Oct. 7:
1) Final TYPED Veil Essay due TUESDAY
2) Vocabulary Collage (draw/ paste pictures that explain the definition of the vocaulary words
*please label the picture with the word

Thursday, Oct. 6:
Complete DRAFT of Veil Essay (1pg- 1 1/4 pg. TYPED)
*Final typed essay due TUESDAY-

Wednesday, Oct. 5:
COMPLETE graphic organizer for Veil essay

Tuedsay, October 4, 2011:
1) In Persepolis: read pgs. 92-110
2) Use sticky notes
3) Read article on Turkey
4) On looseleaf: summarize the main points of the article in 1 paragraph

Monday, Oct. 3, 2011:
1) In Persepolis: READ pgs. 62-92
2) USE sticky notes
3) Finish NY times Article
4) On loose leaf: What are the reasons the women in the article state for using the hijab/niquab? ANswer in bullet points (about 4-5 reasons)

Wed., Sept 28th, 2011:
Mini-ESSAY: (1-1 ½ pgs TYPED)
DUE: Oct. 3rd , 2011 (Monday)
Write a Mini-Essay answering the following question:
What are some major influences in Marjane’s life? Describe 3 factors (for example, political, religious, etc) and discuss how each event or person shaped Marjane and made her grow up. How does she change because of this influence? Be specific and include details from the book.
USE the Thesis FORMULA in your mini-essay:
Topic + Opinion + X, Y, and Z = your thesis
Tuesday, Sept. 27th, 2011:
1) In Persepolis: Read pgs. 40-62
2) What are some major influences in Marjane's life? (ex, political) List 3
3) List 4 details for EACH factor
4)How did CLASS play a role in the health care received by the 3 New Yorkers? (1 paragraph)
Monday, Sept. 26, 2011:
1) Read pgs. 3-39 in Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi
2) Use STICKY NOTES to label the factors that influenced Marjane in maturing and "growing up"

Friday, Sept. 23, 2011:
1) Create imagery chart (see, smell, taste, touch, hear) for your "missing" scene in Arabian Nights
2) Write 1/2 paged typed (about 2 paragraphs) for this descriptive scene that you will write

Thursday, Sept.22, 2011:
FINAL TYPED Essay due tomorrow

Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2011:
1) Change 5-6 sentences and make them more DESCRIPTIVE
2) Write Draft #2 by making the CHANGES during your peer review or teacher conference
3) FINAL Copy due FRIDAY

Tuesday, Sept. 20th:
Finish Writing DRAFT to essay

Monday, September 19, 2011:

Complete the ESSAY NOTES sheet (handed out today in class)
Only write bullets, not complete sentences

Friday, September 16:

Answer Both Questions TYPED: One Paragraph for each question:

1) How does Shivak’s background influence her? How does it influence her view on womanhood?

2) Shivak mentions the danger of spending too much time in the mirror. She extends this metaphor to the dangers of spending too much time with people and ideas that reflect your own. Why is this problem?

The video link is below:

Academic Year: 2010-2011


Thursday, June 2nd:
Write a letter to Bloomblerg
Wednesday, June 1st:
What are some ways to battle stereotypical thinking. (1-2 paragraphs)

Tuesday, May 31st:
Finish essay, final draft due tomorrow

Thursday, May 26th:
Create outline
*Write a draft by Tuesday

Wednesday, May 25th:
-Research your poet
-Write your intro

Monday, May 23rd 2011:
1) Read and Respond to poem "The Soul Selects Her Own Society" (see below the steps to how to read a poem)
2) Read essay and Answer questions on Worksheet which is attached to the essay on "The Soul Selects her own Society"

Steps on How to Read a Poem

1) Read the title. What does it tell you about the poem? What do you think it is going to be about?
2) Read the Poem. Do this at least twice and one time should be aloud.
3) Look up any words you don't understand. No word should be overlooked or ignored.
4) Identify the speaker. The Speaker is not necessarily the poet.
5) Pay attention to the form of the poem. How the poem looks, the spacing, punctuation, and so on. (Shape)
6) Figure out the tone of the poem. How does it make you feel? The emotion or feeling that is given off. Is it sad? Happy? What is it?
7) Look for poetic techniques such as
Simile- A comparison between two things using the words like or as.
• Her smile is as radiant as the sun.
Metaphor- A comparison between two things without using the words like or as.
• She is a shooting star.
Personification- When an inanimate object is given the characteristics of humans.
• The wind whistled a tune.
Hyperbole- A huge exaggeration.
• I am dumber than a ton of bricks
Alliteration- At the beginning of words, there is a repetition of consonants
• Through thick and thin.
Assonance- Anywhere in the words, there is a repetition of vowels.
• Or hear old Triton blow his wreathed horn.
Consonance- Anywhere in the words, there is a repetition of consonant sounds.
• He struck a streak of bad luck.
Onomatopoeia- Words that sound like the name of the word
• Baa Baa Black Sheep
Repetition- Words or phrases that are repeated.
• I love her smile, I love her laugh, I love her smell, I love everything about her.
Ryhme- Words that sound alike.
• The teacher was sad, that I did bad.
• Since she left me; I am no longer happy.
8) Analyze each of the lines and the meaning that it contributes to the poem as a whole.
9) Where is the turning point in the poem? When does the poet’s speech change or attitude shift? (Volta)
10) Determine the overall meaning of the poem? Why did the poet write it? What was his purpose?
11) Reread the poem to make sense of it and pick up anything that you may have missed.

Friday, May 20th:
Select a poem of your choice and use the "How to read a poem" to interpret it.
Thursday, May 19th:
Bring in the lyrics of a song you like. It has to be appropriate.

Wednesday, May 18th:
*Study for Vocabulary test and CREATE flashcards (SEE WORDS BELOW:)
2) Interpret Sonnet 130 and indicate which lines support your ideas (one paragraph on LOOSE LEAF)

Vocabulary Words:
1) Explicate: –verb (used with object)
1. to make plain or clear; explain; interpret.
2. to develop (a principle, theory, etc.).
The student asked the teacher to explicate the requirements for the final project.
2) Defamation: –noun
1. the act of defaming; false or unjustified injury of the good reputation of another, as by slander or libel; calumny: She sued the magazine for defamation of character.
3) Chagrin: –noun
1. a feeling of vexation, marked by disappointment or humiliation.
To her chagrin, the party ended just as she arrived.
4) Grotesque: –adjective
1. odd or unnatural in shape, appearance, or character; fantastically ugly or absurd; bizarre.
2. fantastic in the shaping and combination of forms, as in decorative work combining incongruous human and animal figures with scrolls, foliage, etc.
The body of the victim was grotesque.
5) Receptive: –adjective
1. having the quality of receiving, taking in, or admitting.
2. able or quick to receive knowledge, ideas, etc.: a receptive mind.
3. willing or inclined to receive suggestions, offers, etc., with favor: a receptive listener.
6) Fracas: –noun
1. a noisy, disorderly disturbance or fight; riotous brawl; uproar.
The unruly students caused a fracas in the hallway.

7) Abrasive: –noun
1. any material or substance used for grinding, polishing, etc., as emery, pumice, or sandpaper.
2. tending to abrade; causing abrasion; abrading.
3. tending to annoy or cause ill will; overly aggressive: an abrasive personality.
8) Savory: –adjective
1. pleasant or agreeable in taste or smell: a savory aroma.
2. piquant: a savory jelly.
3. pleasing, attractive, or agreeable.
The food at the five-star restaurant was quite savory.
9) Reticent: –adjective
1. disposed to be silent or not to speak freely; reserved.
2. reluctant or restrained.
The husband was reticent because he was afraid to hurt his wife’s feelings.
10) Complacent: –adjective
1. pleased, especially with oneself or one's merits, advantages, situation, etc., often without awareness of some potential danger or defect; self-satisfied: The voters are too complacent to change the government.
2. pleasant; complaisant.

Tuesday, May 17th:
Write your interpretation of the poems and indicate which lines lead you to that conclusion

Monday, May 16th:
Write the steps of a how to

Thursday, May 12th:
Work on your essay

Wednesday, May 11th:
Write a short story using all of the vocabulary words

Tuesday, May 10th:
What events lead to the falling action? Why did Aidoo portray the characters the way she did? Explain throughly

Monday, May 9th:
Contact your group members to continue working on your play and connect your thoughts

Friday, May 6th:
"Anowa" essay

Monday, May 2nd:
Despite their constant arguing, why do you think Kofi doesn't leave Anowa?

Friday, April 15th:
-Traditions essay

Wednesday, April 13th:
Complete your introductions with a well-developed thesis.

Tuesday, April 12th:
Complete characterization chart and study for quiz.

Friday, April 8th:
On looseleaf, convince Kofi Ako that it is morally wrong to have slaves. (1-2 paragraphs)

Thursday, April 7th:
On looseleaf: Do you believe that men and women are treated equally? Explain why + give examples. (1-2 paragraphs)

Wednesday, April 6th:
On looseleaf, discuss a instance where you went against your parents' wishes and did something they did not approve of. Why did you do it and what happened?

Tuesday, April 5th:
On looseleaf, answer: Why do you think it was important for a woman to marry after puberty during these times?
*Keep in mind setting, way of life, culture. 2 Paragraphs

Monday, April 4th:
Read the cast, production notes, and prologue

Thursday, March 24th:
1) Finish the graphic organizer.
2) If you finish the organizer, write your introductory paragraph.

Wednesday, March 23rd:
Vocabulary flashcards

Monday, March 21st:
1) Quote sheet
2) Discuss Yunior's relationship with his father. (Notebook)

Thursday, March 17th:
Label your words, and do not choose the first picture on google images!

Friday, March 11th:
Presentation and poster due Monday!

Thursday, March 10th:
Weave questions into a presentation:
Start: 1) Quote
2) Anecdote
3) Statistic
1) What event did you change?
2) Why was this change important or significant?
3) Explain exactly how you changed the history event
4) What are 3 consequences of your event? Explain each.
5) Explain picture/poster to finish presentation.

Wed. March 9th:
Work on poster and speech
*Due Monday

Monday, March 7th:
Study for the test!

Friday, March 4th:
Finish study packet.
Study for 2 hours or more

Thursday, March 3rd:
-Final new history project due tomorrow
Mon- Short response
Tues- Essay test

Wednesday, March 2nd:
Work on your draft

Tuesday, March 1st:
Bring in second draft. (3 pages.)

Monday, February 28th:
Bring in first draft of your essay.

Friday, February 18th:
Draft #1 of your changed event

Thursday, February 17th:
No homework

Wednesday, February 16th:
-Vocabulary quiz tomorrow.
-Finish the graphic organizer.

Tuesday, February 15th:
-Create flashcards for the quiz
-Choose one event in history that you wish had not happened or that you could rewrite

Monday, February 14th:
Write a story or song on vocabulary words. *Use all of the words.

Friday, February 11th:
-Finish book
-On looseleaf write a 2-paragraph reaction to the ending. Was it what you expected? Explain.
-Voc. quiz on Thursday.

Thursday, February 10th:
-Read pgs. 220-230
-On looseleaf summarize the view points of your article (Does technology limit/promote democracy? 2 paragraphs.)

Wednesday, February 9th:
Read p. 210-220
Questions 8-10
Three- III, IV, V # 1-2 in notebook.

Tuesday, February 8th:
Create vocabulary collage
for the following words:

1) animosity 6) revel
2) apathy 7) pliable
3) decrepit 8)unkempt
4) obsolete 9) fortitude
5) omnivorous 10) bereft

Monday, February 7th:
1) Read pgs. 200-210
2) Answer questions on worksheet (Part Three: Ch. I and II)
questions #1-7 in your notebook

Friday, February 4th:
1) Ad due monday. (Test grade)
2) Read pg. 182-200
3) Based on the planning, why do you think the Party uses doublethink? Why do we use it in our own lives? *1 paragraph on looseleaf*

Thursday, February 3rd:
-Read p. 172-182
-Write a one paragraph summary. (On looseleaf)
-Get your test signed.

Wednesday, February 2nd:
-Read until pg. 172
-Bring in an ad.

Tuesday, February 1st:**
-Read 1984 until pg. 162
-Open book test tomorrow on 1984.
Homework for January 24th-Feb.1st:
#1) Read until pg. 152 in 1984
#2) Answer questions on questions sheet for Part Two: I-IV #11-14
Part Two: V-VIII #1-10
#3) WRITE an ESSAY to the following ESSAY question:
Write a 1 1/2 -2pgs. Essay on the following question: (if you were absent today, scroll down below for the reading handed out in class). CLICK on the link or copy and paste the link. Also read the excerpt that I typed for you below.)
FOCUS on the similarities: Compare daily life for Winston Smith (in Oceania) and Anne Frank (during the Holocaust) Use the reading handed out in class. Despite the different settings, how are their two lives similar?? Focus on the similarities.
1) Create a THESIS statement
2) Provide examples/details from each reading

*If you were absent TODAY (Jan. 24th) go to the following link for the reading passage handed out today: (ONLY read the November 20th, 1942 and November 28th, 1942
entries in the book)

Also: read the following excerpt (which is NOT on google books):
Saturday, 28 November, 1942
"Dear Kitty, [the name of Anne's diary]
We have used too much electricity, more than our ration. Result: the utmost economy and the prospect of having it cut off. No light for a fortnight; a pleasant thought, that, but who knows, perhaps it won't happen after all! It's too dark to read in the afternoon after four or half past...."
Yours, Anne
(What does the ration remind you of in the book 1984?Think about this SIMILARITY and other SIMILARITIES between Winston and Anne's life.)
Introduction: Thesis statement
A possible Thesis could be: Although Anne Frank and Winston SMith lived in different settings, they both faced the harsh realities of a controlling and repressive government, such as X, Y, and Z. (you insert the similarities) Body Paragraph #1 Topic: Citizens Unfair arrest -specific example from 1984 -specific example from Anne Frank Body Paragraph #2 Topic: Feelings of isolation -specific example from 1984 -specific example from Anne Frank Body Paragraph #3 Topic: Faced rations (food, resources) -specific example from 1984 -specific example from Anne Frank Conclusion: Repeat thesis -offer possible hope, such as each character has a secret hiding place Friday, January 21st:

Read until pg. 105

Thursday, January 20th:
Questions 1-10 part two.

Wednesday, January 19th:
Test on 1984 tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 18th:
1) Read pages 95-105
2) Finish questions 1-10 part one: VII, VIII.
3) Test on Thursday.

Friday, January 14th:
1) Read pgs. 64-95
2) Writing assignment due Tuesday
2) Test on 1984 on Thursday

Thursday, January 13th:
DNA worksheet

Wednesday, January 12th:
1) Read pages 55-65
2) Vocabulary flashcards
3) Answer questions # 1-10 on one sheet. (1984, part one: IV, V, VI)

Tuesday, January 11th:
1) Read pages 45-55
2) Finish cartoon
3) Vocabulary quiz on Thursday

Monday, January 10th:
Read pages 34-45 (Put sticky notes where foreshadowing appears)

Friday, January 7th:
1) Read pgs.20-34
2) Write a 2-paragraphs summary of the events, so far, of the novel. (On loose-leaf)

Thursday, January 6th:
1)Collecting notebooks tomorrow.
2)Vocabulary collage

Wednesday, January 5th:
-Read until pg. 20
-Answer questions 1-10 in your notebook.(Answer in complete sentences)

Tuesday, January 4th:
1. Why do you think the poster says: Big brother is watching you. Explain in one paragraph in notebook)
2. Thought Police-How would you feel?
Or draw the former London.

Monday, January 3rd:
Collage on George Orwell
(3-4 pictures, 5 facts)

Wednesday, December 22nd:
Choose an independent reading book and read 50-60
pages over the break, then:
1) Bring in the book title
2) Author's name
3) Pg. #'s
4) 2 journal entries based on what you've read. (1/2 pg. each)
*Handwritten or typed

Tuesday, December 21st:
On loose leaf write 1-2 paragraphs: what is the social criticism of the story?
  • Provide evidence.

Monday, December 20th:
1) Read a newspaper article
2) Read it and bring it to class
3) Create 4 multiple choice questions for it

Friday, December 17th:
No homework

Thursday, December 16:
Bring in your first draft of your story if you haven't.

Wednesday, December 15th:
1) Create flashcards
2) Final draft due tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 14th:
1) Bring in draft #2 tomorrow for editing.
2) Integrate 5-6 appositives into your short story.

Monday, December 13th:
Draft #2 of your story

Friday, December 10th:
1) Write a vocabulary short story in your notebook.
2) Finish typing your short story + making changes to it.
3) Draft #2 due Tuesday.

Thursday, December 9th:
1) Type up half of short story draft with all the suggestions from your classmates.
2) Define: bovine, expurgate, impugn, intemperate, disavow, gauntlet, elan, relegate, perfidy, consternation.

Wednesday, December 8th:
1. Work on 4-5 places that you incorporate dialogue in your story that moves the action forward.
2.Draft #2 due Tuesday (typed)

Tuesday, December 7th:
1) Make a list on loose-leaf on the changes you will make to your story based on peer review (4-5 changes)
2) Find 3 places in your story where you can add dialogue.

Monday, December 6th:
Read "Edgar & Martha" then:
-Write a one paragraph summary.
-Write 1 question that you would like to ask about the story or writing.

Friday, December 3rd:
Draft #1 of short story due Monday. (4-5 pages, handwritten)

Thursday, December 2nd:
Write page 2 of your story

Wednesday, December 1st:
Write one page of your story

Tuesday, November 30th:
Create vocabulary flashcards
Vocabulary quiz tomorrow!

Monday, November 29th:
Finish story work sheet.

Tuesday, November 23rd:
1)Complete the 2nd non-traditional chart.
2)Finish character decription: How does he/she look like? Age, Habits, What does he/she likes? What does he/she dislikes?

Monday, November 22nd:
Create two "typical" sensory charts for your object in the notebook.

Friday, November 19th:
Finish looking up 2 articles on your social criticism topic.
*Write 2 summaries for your 2 articles on loose leaf

Thursday, Nov. 18th:
*Choose ONE of the following 3 choices: 1) Write a Vocabulary story using all the words OR 2) Change the lyrics to two songs and incorporate 5 vocabulary words in each (total of the 10 vocabulary words in the two songs) OR 3) Write your OWN song (using the melody of any song) and incorporate the 10 vocabulary words

Wednesday, November 17th:
1. What topic/criticism in society do you want to write about? (In a short story)
2. Read an article on your topic.
3. Write a well -developed summary on loose leaf.

Tuesday, November 16th:
Sharpie cake due tomorrow.

Monday, November 15th:
Create a drawing or 3D model of a Sharpie cake.

Friday, November 12th :
Article on Arizona (current events): RESPOND with your opinion: Do you agree or disagree? Should people continue to leave water jugs for the people crossing the desert? ANSWER in 2-3 paragraphs on loose leaf or TYPED

Thursday, Nov.11:
No school.

Wednesday, Nov.10:
No homework.

Tuesday, Nov.9:
Reread "The little Green Monster"

Monday, Nov.8:
In notebook make a list of: -3 conventional symbols -3 personal symbols Describe each in 2-3 sentences.

Friday, Nov.5:
No homework.

Thursday, Nov.4:
Final draft on surrealistic picture due tomorrow

Wednesday, Nov.3:
1) Finish draft #1 of mini-essay on surrealistic painting, 1 pg.; include:
Paragraph 1: Introduction (Hook)
Paragraph 2:What do you see in the art? What is unique about it?
Paragraph 3:How does the object or person presented in the piece differ from how you would typically see it? What do you think the artist is trying to say in the painting?
Paragraph 4:Conclusion.

2)Reread "The Second Bakery Attack"

Tuesday, Nov.2:
No school.

Monday, Nov.1:
1)Write 4 open-ended questions about "The second bakery attack" on loose leaf.
2)Write a one paragraph summary about the story.
(Missing assignment due Wednesday, Nov.3)

Friday, Oct.29:
Research and print a surrealistic picture for Monday

Thursday, Oct.28:
1)Vocabulary test tomorrow
2)Type a one-page dialogue+narration of one of the scenes of The Tale of Genji

Wednesday, Oct.27:
Vocabulary Flashcards

Tuesday, Oct.26:
Type "36 hours in..."

Monday, Oct.25:
Finish reading Tale of the Genji story

Friday, Oct.22nd:
Create a story using 6-7 vocabulary words (1pg)

Thurs., Oct. 21st:
Create a vocabulary collage

Wed.,Oct. 20th:
Define vocabulary words:
averse abate abject evince extol deride fervent inoculate reproach superfluous

Tues, Oct. 19th:
EDIT your draft.
Hand-in FINAL copy of your Persepolis essay tomorrow, Wed., Oct.20th

Monday, Oct. 18th:
Write a NEW conclusion using the hourglass formula learned in class

Friday, Oct. 15th:
Write DRAFT #2 using the S.T.A.R. revising techniques learned in class

Thurs., Oct.14th:
Write a NEW introduction for your essay (using the hooks that we learned in class)

Wed, Oct.13th:

PSATs--no class (see Tuesday, Oct. 12th)

Tuesday, Oct 12th:
1) Vocabulary Flashcards
2) STUDY for Voc. Quiz on Thursday:
Words: 1) umbrage 2) hiatus 3) lurid 4) approbation 5) provincial 6) decadence 7) hackneyed 8) expostulate 9) coalition 10) assuage

3) Hand-in Draft #1 of Persepolis Essay

Mon, Oct.11th:
NO School

Friday, Oct.8th:
1) Complete GRAPHIC ORGANIZER for Persepolis essay
2) TYPE draft #1 of essay--bring on Tuesday (underline your thesis statement)

Thursday, Oct. 7th

Finish taking notes for your essay question
Bring in Persepolis book tomorrow


Friday, Sept.24
I Read pgs. 62-72

II)Look up the following terms and write 3-4 sentences on each.
(What happened? Or what did that person do?

1) Islamic Revolution
2) Shah of Iran
3) Che Guevara
4) Persepolis


Thursday, Sept.23
Complete Written assignment (final TYPED)
INCORPORATE 3-4 vocabulary words into your assignment

Wednesday, Sept. 22
1) Define Vocabulary words
2) Create a collage with the words
3) Complete DRAFT from class on assignment

Tuesday, Sept., 21
1) Read pgs. 40-62 in Persepolis
2) OUTLINE the following assignment: (1-1 1/2 pgs. TYPED) FOLLOW FORMAT in the syllabus:
What are some major influences in Marjane’s life? Describe 3 factors (for example, political, religious, etc) and discuss how each event or person (be specific) shaped Marjane and made her grow up. How does she change because of this influence? Be specific and include details from the book.

Monday, Sept. 20th
1) Read pgs. 3-39 in Persepolis
2) Use STICKY notes to highlight factors that influence Marjane to mature and grow-up

Fri, Sept. 17th:

Bring in Persepolis to class on Monday.

Thurs, Sept. 16th:
Complete 2 paragraphs on imagery assignment for Arabian Nights. Creative Assignment: Select a point in the story that needs more development. Write a 2 paragraph description of your setting/scene in Arabian Nights.

Wed., Sept. 15th:
No H.W. tonight

Tuesday, September 14th:**
Complete GOALS sheet from syllabus and have parent/guardian sign the form.